How to Build a Cash Buyers List to Buy Your Investment Properties as Fast as Possible to Get $10,000 in Pocket to Start this Year Strong
In my last post we talked about the fastest way to pay off Christmas and start the New Year with a chunk of cash through Real Estate Investing with little cash or money GETTING STARTED would be through co-wholesaling houses.

As a real estate coach and real estate mentor I get new Real estate Investors that ask me all the time about the difference between wholesaling and co-wholesaling.

Wholesaling is when you go out and tie up a sellers house and offer the property you have under contract to the end buyer that you have on your buyers list.

This end buyer is usually a rehabber who is prepared to pay cash for the property.

When you are co-wholesaling, you are going out (usually just searching the internet) and offering ANOTHER Investors property to your cash buyers list.

So whether you are offering properties you have tied up, or you are offering someone else inventory, you still need a cash cash buyers list.

Here are the fastest ways to build yourself a strong cash buyers list for your house flipping business:

- Use a software program that goes rakes through your counties official records and pulls out all the recorded sales of cash transactions where there was no mortgage recorded to purchase the property.

- Do simple key word searches in Google, for cash buyers in your area

- Attend your local county foreclosure auction whether in person or online, and pay attention to who is bidding to the majority of the foreclosure sales

Since each one of these topics is a subject of its own, stay tuned for my next few posts and I will cover each one in detail.

Enjoy the Journey!

- Tom
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