Housing Flipping 101 - Beware of the Get Rich Quick Programs!
House Flipping can be a great business and career to get into.  I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and have been quite successful.  It has kept my family fed, housed, and my kids educated, and my wife and I have enjoyed a comfortable life.

About 12 years ago, I started a mentoring program involving in depth training and information, guidance and assistance. This too has been successful and my students have benefited from my program. I’ve written a book about it that is a free down load from my website.

But it is important to point out what house flipping is not, and even more important that you are aware of gimmick programs being advertised promising quick riches, and instant fame and fortune that are in fact a bit on the shallow side; shall we say.

I have many students that have been attracted and swayed into these programs only to find that they have not gotten rich quick, were not successful, and of course did not become celebrities.

In other words….If this crap works, then where’s my Ferrari?

In fact, they found that their hard earned money invested into these get rich quick House Flipping programs goes down the drain.

House Flipping is a carefully planned and calculated business that requires leg work to be done right, and this assures you have a chance to make a profit. I know it is tempting and attractive to believe otherwise, and maybe you have gone down that road.

Eventually I believe you will find that experienced and successful people in the House Flipping business have followed tried and true systems that work, accumulated resources that also work, and have key relationships that help identify opportunities that can be turned into successful and profitable transactions.

These things are what are important about the House Flipping business.  Honesty, Integrity, good business instinct, and an eye for a deal, are also traits of being a successful House Flipper .

Some Misleading “Get Rich House Flipping”  things out there include:

House flippers can buy a distressed property, do as little as possible to put a good face on it, and then try to jack the price up and sell to an uninformed or uneducated buyer making tens of thousands dollars along the way.
You can pay local unskilled contractors a few dollars to do substandard work by slapping together a house, then sell it for a big profit.
You can be rich from house flipping in 2 months with no capital of your own invested by following these simple steps.
The list goes on and on, mostly misleading and often not factual.  By the time you have spent this money and started going through these ill defined and inadequate systems, you realize you really don’t have the tools needed to make it work.

You are literally burnt at that point because you have now wasted your time and money and have not really advanced in any way or form, except for feeling frustrated and perhaps a bit foolish.  But we all make mistakes. The key is to learn from them, not make the same mistake again, and find legitimate people, systems and programs that have a proven history of working and profiting for people.

I currently coach house flipping students in every major real estate market in this country, so I get to see first hand what is working, and where.  If you would like more free information on house flipping from me and know how to profit from this business where you live, then click here: http://offers.tomnardonemillionairemailman.com/7step-ebook# for more information and to receive a copy of my new ebook.
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