How to Steal Your Hottest Competitor’s Cash Buyers List! - Ethically!
When a Wholesaler Investor Sends you an email - Save that Sucker!

My students ask me all the time how they can get a buyers list quickly that gives them all the hottest buyers in their market.

It’s really simple!

Here is what you should do:

Step 1 - get on as many wholesalers property email lists as possible. This mean’s going to a local REIA Club and asking every wholesaler to add you to their cash buyers list.

Or better yet…..You can all get on cash buyers lists by googling “Buy my house fast Miami” (or the city in which you live). Try every long tail keyword combination you can think of…..”Fast cash for my house Miami”…or….”Buy my house for cash Dade County” ….etc, etc.

Sign up and opt in to all the wholesalers lists you can find via the web.

Step 2 - As these wholesalers start sending you emails, stash these emails in a sub - inbox called “Wholesalers Emails”. Let these emails ripen for about 90 days.

Step 3 - look up the property addresses that were blasted out on those 3 month old emails using your property appraisers website and see who the new owner is. This will be the Cash buyer who is buying the properties that the wholesaler blasts out.

Step 4 - If the new owner is a business name, then go to your states Division of Corporations and look up who the principles are. Also, if your state allows, look up the last annual report filed by the entity and sometimes it will have the phone number right on the annual report. Or just google the names of the businesses.

Step 5 - Call the new owner and introduce yourself and tell them you see from the public records they are buying houses for cash. Ask for their email address so you can add them to your wholesale properties list.

This method is simple and you can implement this from anywhere without having to leave your keyboard! (Unless you go to a REIA meeting) - (after all… need to get out and get the exercise anyway ; )

Hope you get good value from this advise,

Enjoy the Journey!

Tom Nardone
“Millionaire Mailman”
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