It’s Right After Christmas are You Really Strapped for Cash Right Now?
Pay attention for the fastest way to get $10K in your pocket this year!

Happy New Year!

I hope your new year celebration was as fun as mine!

I had an awesome time ringing in the New Year in Hollywood Florida at The Marti Gras Casino with one of favorite bands of all time, the Marshal Tucker Band!

I got to meet the lead singer up and personal for the first time!

If you like Southern Rock, Check out my Facebook page and “Like” the photo:

Last week a new investor asked me whats the FASTEST way to get to a $10,000 check to pay off all the Christmas gifts he bought and also pay off some credit cards !

Getting out of debt is a Noble Ambition and if you are thinking about getting out of debt in 2016 and experiencing the freedom, and the relaxation, and the release of stress, that comes with being debt free, follow these simple steps that can transform your life....

Without a doubt the fastest way to getting a check in your bank account is to wholesale a property.

This means you are going to put property under contract, and you are going to assign or sell that property or contract to an end buyer.

This is something you can do many times within a month if you are a fast implementor.

If you said to me,   Tom! Its right after Christmas and I’m really strapped for cash to market right now!

If you don't already have a steady flow of leads coming in from motivated sellers, and/or you are working full time and don't have to time to go out, market, and get a motivated sellers house under contract, then try co-wholesaling another investors house inventory.

Look for other investors who have houses to sell. Enter into a joint venture agreement with them to market their houses.

This can be easily done, once you have a cash buyers list.

In the next few emails, I will tell you how to build a co-wholesale list of other investors, and also how to build a cash buyers list.

If your not already a Real Estate Rock Star,

Then Rock What Ya’ Got!

- Tom
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