Houses Can Make you Rich….Quickly
Have You Ever Thought You Would Like to Buy and Sell Houses But Didn’t Know how or Where to Get the Money or Get Started?
 This system takes you through the simple steps to Wholesale and Rehab Houses.
These are the secrets that Tom used to buy and sell over 200 houses. You can follow this simple step by step formula to start cashing in todays real estate market.
Whether you want to just wholesale the house, or do a Flip/Rehab…. It’s all Covered in this system.
Here’s what you get!!
Course includes a 230 System Manual
4 Audio CDs
Quick Start Guide.
Real Estate Forms on CD
FREE Bonus when you join one on one Mentoring
 How to Find a House fast, and Sell it Even Faster!
 This system takes you through how to tie up a house on an Option, and then Sell it on a “Round Robin” Auction.
You can get a Big Fat Check by never owning the property, but instead by getting an option to buy it from the seller and then sell the house at Top Dollar doing a simple auction.
 The videos in this Course were actually filmed at the house at a live auction that Tom Did hundreds of miles from his home market to prove this will work anywhere!
Here’s What You Get !
6 Course includes Audio CD’s
6 DVD Videos of the Live Seminar & the Live Auction at the house
All the forms needed to do an Option Auction.
FREE Bonus when you join one on one Mentoring
Many Investors are Shocked and Outraged that the Competition is Getting there first!
 When Tom was a mailman he created a marching army of mailman that acted as Bird Dogs to find him deals.
Tom created a Mailman Handout CD that investors can use to hand out to their mailman to have your mailman refer you deals that no one else can get.
“Mailmen See everything!” They know what houses are going into foreclosure before its become public record, and they see the vacant and abandoned houses all day long on their mail routes.
This system will have mailmen feeding you the choicest ripest deals with the biggest profits!
Here’s what you get!!
Three Audio CDs
Three Letter Carrier Handout CD’s & Sharpie
a 100 Page System Manual
FREE Bonus when you join one on one Mentoring
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